5 Ways Synthetic Grass Seriously Upgraded The Scene

Because it’s weather-resistant and low maintenance, synthetic grass is an excellent way to dress up your outdoor space, whether you have a sprawling yard or an urban condo in the city.

Below are five amazing examples where synthetic grass raised the bar.

1. Imagine maintaining this with real grass. Photo: HGTV


2. Yeah, it’s not a shabby view. But the fake grass adds vibrant colour – and contrast – to the environment. Photo: HGTV


3. Who says grass only belongs on the ground? Here, the fake grass takes a boring divider wall and turns it into a statement. Photo: HomePolish


4. You’ll never want to leave your zen. Photo: InstallItDirect


5. It’s only a small area – but makes a huge impact. Makes you feel green, doesn’t it? Photo: ikrunk.com


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