Athletic Turf & Synthetic Grass

An athletic space can be greatly enhanced through the application of synthetic grass. Whether it is a sports field, playground or fitness area, synthetic grass can improve the aesthetic of an area as well as offers many practical benefits.

A natural grass playing field, though it can look pristine and fresh, requires an excessive amount of upkeep before it begins to look faded, dry and patchy. It also holds the potential to be torn up, causing tripping hazards and more. With synthetic grass the maintenance is in the installation process, offering you a consistently beautiful and durable filed. This durability is able to increase playing time as it does not require a rest period, nor is it unusable during or after excessive rain. Synthetic grass is able to be used almost immediately after installation, compared to seeded grass or freshly installed sod, which can take weeks or months before it is playing ready.

Adding synthetic grass to a playground or fitness area can greatly improve the space by providing a green and lush environment as well as increasing the durability and longevity of the space. There are many different styles and options to select from, allowing you to create a space that is inviting and unique. At North Western Synthetic Grass, our team of dedicated professionals is prepared to enhance your athletic spaces with a quality product and astonishing results.