How Synthetic Grass Helps to Conserve Water

Our West Coast summers are heating up. As little as a few years ago July and August were BC’s two (and only) peak months of sun and warm weather; it is now normal for the temperature to rise in April.

This also means it’s raining less, and homeowners in the Greater Vancouver region, for the first time since 2003 saw Stage 3 Water Restrictions being implemented last year.

To keep our lawns from using more water than the climate can afford – and without compromising a perfectly manicured state – installing synthetic grass has been a natural alternative that the City of Vancouver, homeowner’s associations and homeowners have turned to.

Here are some facts about water conservation and restrictions in Greater Vancouver:

  • Metro Vancouver water restrictions began on May 15 this year – two weeks earlier than last year.

  • Lawn sprinkling is currently only permitted every other day per residence.

  • In the Americas, 30-60% of urban fresh water is used to water lawns.

Synthetic grass has always been an excellent alternative – but becoming even more so than ever in British Columbia.

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