Synthetic Grass for Water Conservation

As we become more and more aware of the importance of water conservation, it can become difficult to justify the manicuring and watering of a personal natural lawn.

Maintaining natural grass requires a large and consistent supply of water. This usage of water contributes to your carbon footprint, an increasingly imposing threat to the state of our planet. Synthetic grass helps to combat this footprint as it significantly decreases your water usage over time without requiring you to sacrifice the personal benefit of having a lawn.

The water conservation benefits of synthetic grass can also be applied to commercial properties. The addition of synthetic grass to the location of your business, be it a golf course, athletic environment, condominium or more, can add a pleasing aesthetic without the hassle. Natural grass can add to the maintenance and cost of your property, as well as can significantly increase water usage. If you are considering switching to synthetic grass for your commercial property, you can be assured that this decision in the best for our environment.

Come down to North Western Synthetic Grass in the Fraser Valley area and meet with the team of professionals that specialize in residential and commercial synthetic grass/artificial grass installation, you won’t be disappointed.

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