Synthetic Grass for the Environment

Grass is a common part of a modern lifestyle, whether you have a home with a personal yard, a business with green landscaping or own an athletic facility, grass can add to the enjoyment and aesthetic of an environment. One issue that arises with the use of natural grass it its affect on the environment. Though its naturally occurring, the ways in which we manicure and treat our lawns are not natural.

Synthetic grass is an alternative to natural grass that poses a much lower risk to the environment. Not only does synthetic grass aid in water conservation, it also helps to eliminate the use of harmful pesticides and fertilizers used to fight off the browning of lawns. The use of these harmful chemicals can contribute to water pollution as they infiltrate into the water system in storm water runoff.

Another benefit that synthetic grass has to the environment is that it is recyclable at the end of its lifespan. After many years of offering you a clean and professional looking lawn, synthetic grass is able to be recycled as used for many other things.

For all your synthetic grass or artificial turf needs, allow the professionals at North Western Synthetic Grass to partner with you towards a greener tomorrow.

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