Why Switching to Gym Grass is a Great Move for Your CrossFit Box

Your CrossFit athletes are looking for the best. They’re training to be faster and stronger, and you can help them improve their fitness and help your CrossFit gym stand out from competing CrossFit and traditional gyms with high-quality flooring.

Artificial turf for CrossFit facilities is one of the best options you can choose. It looks professional, it integrates well with most CrossFit boxes and it supports athletes engaging in a wide variety of fitness activities.

What is artificial turf or gym grass?

If you have a picture in your mind of thin green plastic with a few strands that mimic grass, you’ve got an outdated concept of what artificial turf really is. Instead, artificial turf — also known as synthetic grass — can form a realistic yet cushioning version of true outdoor grass. This is ideal for athletes performing the demanding and varied tasks that CrossFit demands.

Artificial turf is also widely used on athletic fields, golf greens and tee boxes, and yards where easy maintenance is desirable. Depending on the purpose, synthetic grass can range from 1 to 2 inches in height and is available in many colors, not just green.

For gym grass, most installers will recommend additional cushioning in the form of a foam backing pad. This offers another layer of protection for both your athletes’ bodies and for the floor if heavy weights are dropped.


Why is it ideal to install artificial turf in CrossFit facilities?

Besides its excellent cushioning without being “spring-y,” artificial turf for your CrossFit facility lends itself well to the many ways your athletes will use the floor:

  • Great surface for the weighted sled. The sled moves smoothly across the gym grass surface without getting hung up on the kinds of variations found on concrete or other types of hard flooring.

  • Ideal for doing sprints and other activities that are hard on the joints. It won’t trip up your athletes as they move and provides the same traction as traditional grass.

  • Excellent for heavy lifting that is typically done in CrossFit gyms. If your athletes drop weights, the amount of cushioning is just right so they won’t damage the floor. At the same time, the weight won’t “bounce” back up and risk injury like it can on some solid gym surfaces.

Artificial turf for a CrossFit facility is durable as well, so it will hold up to having sleds pulled across it and weights dropped on it. Most premium turf products come with a several-year warranty; ask your installer about the different options available to you.

How do you keep artificial turf clean?

With so many people using the CrossFit gym, any surface you choose for the floor needs to be easy to keep clean. The hard work that CrossFit demands can result in sweat falling to the turf; rare injuries or overly demanding workouts can result in other body fluids contaminating the surface.

Fortunately, high-quality artificial turf for CrossFit facilities is easy to wash off with soap and water. It can be hosed off if needed and will dry quickly. Various disinfecting solutions that are simple to apply and rinse off are also available.

Artificial turf also will not develop dents or cracks that can plague other types of flooring and make that harder to disinfect. There are few other types of flooring that will stand up to the work that your CrossFit athletes do on a regular basis and stay in good shape.

To get the best results from your artificial turf, it’s important to choose a knowledgeable and experienced installer who knows how to handle the specific environment of a gym floor. CrossFit does have particular demands and your installer will know the right type and amount of padding to use. A professional can also advise you on how to maintain your floor so it will last years and provide the best value.

Want the ultimate CrossFit gym experience?

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Editor’s Note: this post was originally published in February, 2016 and updated in May of 2017.