Is an artificial lawn safe for pets?



You love your pet, of course, but do you also love the damage he causes to your lawn? How about the muddy paw prints on your freshly cleaned floor? If you are tired of the constant lawn maintenance and cleaning, you may want to consider a pet-friendly artificial lawn. Synthetic grass will continue looking beautiful and lush despite your pet’s best efforts.

You may have concerns about allowing your beloved pet to roll around on an artificial surface. After all, is synthetic grass safe for dogs? Well, yes it is – as long as it’s BPA free and comes from a reputable manufacturer that tests for toxins and lead. Most dogs will enjoy a good romp or roll on pet-friendly synthetic grass as much as they would on a ‘real’ lawn.

There are some differences, of course:

  • Your pet isn’t as likely to munch on the artificial turf as on real grass. However, only you know your pet’s possibly peculiar eating habits. It’s best to keep an eye on him until you’re sure he hasn’t decided your new lawn is just what he’s been craving!

  • Another hobby your dog is less likely to continue with is digging that escape tunnel. A properly installed synthetic lawn discourages such annoying doggy behaviour. When looking for an installation company, ensure that they have the local knowledge and experience necessary to install a quality artificial lawn that will last and is totally pet safe.

An artificial lawn’s longevity depends to a great extent on the details and care taken during installation. It’s very important that the installer knows that you have pets that will be using your artificial lawn as their bathroom. Zeolite is an optional infill that helps eliminate that unpleasant pet urine odour. In rainy climates like Vancouver’s, an experienced installer will also include extra drainage and possibly a perimeter. The drainage system will ensure that the extra moisture contributed by your pet will drain away quickly.

Care of your pet’s ‘bathroom’:

  • Rain or an occasional good rinse will flush away any pet urine along with its offensive odours. Once a year, spray your synthetic turf with a disinfectant for artificial grass such as NWPM.

  • Remove solid waste just as you would on any other lawn. You’ll notice that dog stools are easier to remove from fake grass than from real grass. The artificial grass stems don’t tangle with and trap the stool like living grass stems do. Perhaps that’s because they don’t need it for fertilizer!

  • If your pet has a looser than normal stool, pick up as much as you can and then a hard spray from a hose should take care of the rest.

You’ll certainly enjoy the benefits of easier clean-up, less odour, and less effort expended in trying to repair the damage your pet’s bathroom habits do to that gorgeous lawn of your dreams.

Enjoy easier lawn maintenance and housekeeping when you have pets with an artificial lawn:

  • You’ll enjoy a smooth expanse of ‘grass’ without uneven or torn up areas or dangerous holes.

  • No more ugly yellow ‘pee patches’ of dead and dying grass.

  • That unpleasant urine smell will wash away rather than lingering.

  • No more wiping muddy paws when your pet needs to use the bathroom during a rainstorm.

  • Less mopping, especially during Vancouver’s notoriously wet winters.

  • Less dirt tracked in during drier weather.

  • A beautiful lawn at all seasons – without the use of chemicals (or lawnmowers!)

If you are tired of dealing with your pet’s negative impact on your lawn, why not consider the many benefits of a gorgeous, lush artificial lawn? You’ll have your neighbours guessing your secret to having pets and such a fantastic lawn – as well as the time to relax and enjoy it!

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