Which synthetic grass product is right for you?

Is all synthetic grass made the same?

I often get asked why some synthetic grass is much cheaper than others.  There are a few factors which go into the manufacturing process of synthetic grass which determine the overall quality.

When selecting synthetic grass take the time to go over the following checklist:

  1. Is the company reputable?  A great way to find out is to check if they are registered with your local Better Business Bureau.

  2. Is there a warranty? Does it cover the cost of installation and material?  If they do have a warranty how is it backed?  Most likely the warranty is through the manufacturer overseas.. Do you really think they will back it?

  3. What is the back of the material made from?  In some circumstances the back of the synthetic grass has a black shiny backing.  This is a low quality backing and while they are sustain hotter climates, they will fail in our environment. An easy test is to run your car key over the backing; if you can start to pull out the grass, stay away!