Jun 16

Is an artificial lawn safe for pets?

  You love your pet, of course, but do you also love the damage he causes to your lawn? How about the muddy paw prints on your freshly cleaned floor? If you are tired of the constant lawn maintenance and cleaning, you may want to... read more →
May 23
Cross Fit Gym synthetic grass

Why Switching to Gym Grass is a Great Move for Your CrossFit Box

Your CrossFit athletes are looking for the best. They're training to be faster and stronger, and you can help them improve their fitness and help your CrossFit gym stand out from competing CrossFit and traditional gyms with high-quality flooring. Artificial turf for CrossFit facilities is one of the best options... read more →
May 21
Adult European Chafer Beetle eat grass

How to Get Rid of European Chafer Beetles in Vancouver

The European Chafer Beetles have invaded Vancouver. Frustrated residents of Vancouver have become accustomed to the tell-tale signs of the European Chafer Beetle - dry and withered grass, brown patches defiling a once beautiful green lawn, unwelcome animals digging and ripping up the yard, and of course, the beetle larvae themselves... read more →
Nov 05

Synthetic Grass for Water Conservation

As we become more and more aware of the importance of water conservation, it can become difficult to justify the manicuring and watering of a personal natural lawn. Maintaining natural grass requires a large and consistent supply of water. This usage... read more →
Oct 05

Synthetic Grass for the Environment

Grass is a common part of a modern lifestyle, whether you have a home with a personal yard, a business with green landscaping or own an athletic facility, grass can add to the enjoyment and aesthetic of an environment. One issue... read more →
Sep 15

How Synthetic Grass can increase the value of your home

You can increase the value of your personal property through the addition of synthetic grass. Though this increased value is a matter of personal preference, the many benefits of synthetic grass allow you assurance in the added value. Beautify your lawn by switching to an alternative that ends up saving... read more →
Jul 25

Athletic Turf & Synthetic Grass

An athletic space can be greatly enhanced through the application of synthetic grass. Whether it is a sports field, playground or fitness area, synthetic grass can improve the aesthetic of an area as well as offers many practical benefits. A natural grass playing field, though it can look pristine and... read more →
Jun 09
NWSG Synthetic Grass Blog In the Office

5 Ways Synthetic Grass Seriously Upgraded The Scene

Because it’s weather-resistant and low maintenance, synthetic grass is an excellent way to dress up your outdoor space, whether you have a sprawling yard or an urban condo in the city. Below are five amazing examples where synthetic grass raised the bar. 1. Imagine maintaining this with real grass.... read more →
Jun 03
Fake Grass Installation Vancouver BC

How Synthetic Grass Helps to Conserve Water

Our West Coast summers are heating up. As little as a few years ago July and August were BC’s two (and only) peak months of sun and warm weather; it is now normal for the temperature to rise in April. This also means it’s raining less, and homeowners in the... read more →
Jan 09

Is Synthetic Grass environmentally friendly?

Is Synthetic Grass Eco Friendly? Like any plant, grass replenishes our air by taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. With that said is synthetic grass a green alternative?  In my opinion it is.  As any home owner is aware, lawns require; fertilizers, weed killers, watering and lawn cuts (usually gas powered... read more →